Price request

    1) JM Datas

    Number of harnesses
    Construction height
    Type of Jacquard Machine
    Total number of warp ends per harness

    2) Loom

    Loom name
    Nominal width
    WM type
    Serial number
    Inclination of loom
    Height of base plant - front (mm)
    Height of base plant - back (mm)
    Kind of fabric

    3) Data for harness insertion

    Total number of warp ends in comberboard
    Without selvedge
    Number of pattern repeats
    Reed space without selvedge
    Reed space with selvedge

    4) Lowering element execution

    5) Upper grate

    6) Bottom frame

    Lenght (mm)

    With fastening parts

    7) Distribution of hooks

    From - To
    Number of hooks
    Cords per hook

    8) Harness cord

    Kind of

    Connection between harness cord and heddle eye

    9) Heddle design

    Wire diameter
    Lenght (mm)
    Heddle eye
    Eyelet position

    10) Contact information

    Name and surname
    Additional information

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