We manufacture and supply harness:

  • for all types of jacquard machines, including the most advanced electronic ones 
  • for any number of hooks, cords and widths of harness plates 
  • for all types of looms

Component offer

 The combination of these components, know-how and traditional processing skills give our customers guarantees of the highest quality. If you wish, inclusive of the draw-in of warp ends into healds and reeding. Refurbishment of jacquard machines (cleaning of modules, replacement of pulleys, etc.).  According to the used components and agreed technical conditions, we will prepare a price calculation (see technical questionnaire). 


We manufacture and supply the RASTA harness as complete, levelled, ready for assembly. If you wish, with the  draw-in of warp threads into healds. All this means a significant saving of time, but above all, a valuable reduction in looms downtimes. On request, we will deliver and install harness at the customer. Upon request, we will carry out installation during non-working hours and on weekends, as well.

Time saved increases productivity!

Let us prepare an offer for you

Advantages of our products

Precision, which is given by a long tradition of production, precise work and diligence of experienced experts and thorough control.

Reliability and durability, we produce RASTA harness from the highestquality materials (components) purchased from renowned companies abroad or inland. RASTA cooperates with professional and research institutes in the field of weaving. It monitors the development and uses new materials and components and applies the latest knowledge in the development of new elements for further improvement of the RASTA harness.

With your permission, we will monitor the most important parameters also in your production and, in the interest of mutual benefit, we will evaluate the technical and economic advantage of using technological innovations and special materials.

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